A 1000 year old Viking ring

Stop traveller, come sit by the fire! I have quite story for you!!

On Christmas day of the year 2019 a silver ring was found in Hoogwoud, The Netherlands. The ring dates from the 10th century and is a typical Viking ring. Viking experts believe the ring was worn as a pendant, as it is actually too large to wear on your fingers.

Look at the size of the ring in the hands of museum curator Annemarieke Willemsen. I had the privilige of meeting her a few times, she has so much knowledge!

pictures by RMO Leiden

The Museum of Antiquities in Leiden was able to purchase the ring, you can read more here. It will be on display after the modern plague has passed.

This isn’t the first Viking ring that was found in the Low Lands, as this silver ring resembles a gold ring with similar patterns, which was found in Friesland in 2009. The gold ring is on display at the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. This museum also has some excellent Viking Stories in English you really need to listen to!

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