The Lady in the Oak Tree

In 1905, a remarkable discovery was made in Hogebeintum, in Friesland. During excavations in one of the artificial mounds, the remains of a person buried in an oak coffin were found. The skeleton dates from the 7th century and the deceased was presumably an important woman. We know this because full grown oaks were rareContinue reading “The Lady in the Oak Tree”

The 1336 Indulgence from Zutphen

As you know, my main focus is the medieval history of the Low Lands. I am forever interested in the general medieval history of my country. I have a beautiful piece for you today! Have a seat, grab a drink and enjoy this original pearl. The ‘Rondeel’ was one of several nunneries in Zutphen. AlfardusContinue reading “The 1336 Indulgence from Zutphen”