On baskets and being proud

I began writing historical articles back in 2016 but most are still gathering dust. Slowly, but surely, I have started on that path called publishing. In June of 2020, my first ever Compleat Anachronist came out and just this week, my article on how to line a basket was published in Tournaments Illuminated. Ava isContinue reading “On baskets and being proud”

Recreating the Skjoldehamn textile finds

I am forever curious about excavated textiles. The first thing I look for in a museum, any museum, is excavated garments and shoes. It fascinates me to no end. In 2019, I finished my Golden Egg project in Drachenwald and it was so inspiring. For this reason, I have decided to embark on a newContinue reading “Recreating the Skjoldehamn textile finds”

The oldest house in my town

Have a seat! My dear traveller, have I got a story for you today! Allow me to take you to the 15th century. The city of Leiden was a large town, growing fast with the weaving industry. The hustle & bustle must have been amazing in those days. The growing town attracted plenty of newcomers,Continue reading “The oldest house in my town”