On this page you will find information on exhibitions and museums I visited over the past few years. Most photographs are mine, otherwise the source is quoted.

Pilgrims to America exhibition, Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2 June 2020-13 September 2020

The exhibition is the story of the remarkable journey of the Pilgrims early in the 17th century. They started out from England and spent 11 years in voluntary exile in Leiden, before going on to colonise the world of the Native Americans.

2020 will commemorate the departure of a group of migrants on the Mayflower 400 years ago, travelling from Europe to America to establish Plymouth Colony. These colonists, who came to Holland as refugees, are now known to us as the Pilgrims Fathers.

Click on the link to see more of this great exhibition

Mary of Guelders exhibition, Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Oct 2018-Jan 2019

From 13 October 2018 till 6 January 2019, Museum Het Valkhof hosted this unique exhibition. I visited Het Valkhof in November 2018. Highlight of course is the wonderful prayer book, one of the greatest medieval art treasures of the country.

Mary d’Harcourt, became well known under her married name Mary of Guelders. Born in 1378 and raised at the French court, she married Renaud IV, Duke of Guelders, in Bastogne on 5 May 1405. With this marriage, she became a noble of high standing and commissioned an extraordinary prayer book of extremely high quality. Mary died without issue in 1427.

Click on the Prayer Book to see the magnificent artwork

Huis van Hilde museum, Castricum, The Netherlands

In August 2016 I visited the Huis van Hilde (Hilde’s House) for the first time. It is an archaeological information centre and repository focussed on the province of North Holland in The Netherlands; it opened its doors in 2015. It was named after a model and facial reconstruction that was made of the skeleton of a female found from the 4th century and that came to be known as Hilde (of Castricum). The centre has a permanent exhibition with around a 1000 finds dating from the Neanderthal period onwards. The exhibition is a wonderful example of human history and one of my favourites!

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