May Giveaway!

Stop traveller! Have a seat by the fire and let me tell you all about this gift I made.

In the year 2007 a spectacular spur was excavated in Dorestad (modern day Wijk bij Duurstede). Though the owners will remain unknown, it is striking how many swords, horse harnesses, lances and spurs were excavated. Dorestad is believed to have been quite an affluent place!

What made this spur so incredibly interesting was the details, it is quite a unique piece! The gilded spur was decorated with dragons, and so these came to be known as the Dorestad Dragons.

I have used this design as inspiration for the May Giveaway. I wanted to make a gift that I could easily slip into an envelope and send to someone, but it also needed to be something the recipient could use at an event. In addition, I wanted it to be something from my country. And so, I decided to make a placemat….

The embroidery is in Bayeux Stitch and is done in wool and silk. The placemat is made of a double layer of linen.

And the winner is: Lady Branwen Scholastica

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