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Dear Traveller,

Have I got news for you! Please have seat, get warm by the fire and please read this guest post by renowned Dutch historical costumer Martine Teunissen. I am so very proud that she is here to tell you about her latest book AND that she is using my research! Read on!

Hello, I am Martine Teunissen, historian and owner of Beleef het Verleden.

I am the writer of ‘Representation of the Past in Public Spheres’ and together with Dorothee Olthof I wrote a book on Roman beauty secrets.

Would you like to sponsor a publication on historical costumes and help realise a beautifully illustrated book on historical costumes? 

Publication on historical costumes

Why this book?

Historical costumes and accessories are often kept in museum depots, that are not easily accessible for the general public. Archaeological textile finds are even less visible and more difficult to interpret, as it is more difficult to see what it used to be in the past. I would like to bring these finds into the spotlight with this publication. I would love to share with you my passion for the wondrous world of historical fashion, what women wore, at court, in high and lower societies and in the country side (16th-19th century).

Why is this book unique?

This book will take you on a discovery journey along archaeological finds, museum collections and paintings. Also I’ll show you my own creations and experiences with historical costumes. This knowledge is combined with information about inventories and bills with notes on costumes that were bought. This will show you what pieces of clothing women owned, how many, and what was the value of them. Also you will discover our journey of making replicas of archaeological finds. This includes a journey your very own Ava van Allecmere has made on the replica of a 16th century bodice

This publication will be in Dutch, but it will provide beautiful images and could also be of interest for the non-Dutch speaker. If you value the work I do, please donate to make this publication possible!

To donate without reward click here. It is the yellow button that says: kies een bedrag

You can choose different rewards for your donation, or give a donation without a reward. The English text follows right after the Dutch text in each category that is of interest abroad.
These rewards are:
1) get the book for € 50,- and please add another € 10,- to have it send to your home (price for Europe).
2) get the signed book for € 60, and please add another € 10,- to have it send to your home (price for Europe).
3) donate € 25,- and get a reduction coupon for the book of € 15,- + karma-points
4) donate € 35,– and get a reduction coupon for the book of € 15,- + karma-points + a mention as a sponsor on my website.

Thank you for your support!

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