Compleat Anachronist

In July of 2020 my first Compleat Anachronist was published! I am so happy I was finally able to finish it and to share bits of it with you here. Now, if this isn’t a good campfire story, then I don’t know!

I am aware that some of my followers already know this, but there are those who don’t. So, if you like and this is new to you: read on!

The CA is about the care for orphans in the Middle Ages in Holland; these children stood out because they wore distinctive garments that immediately identified them as orphans.

You can order your copy of this Compleat Anachronist here, at about $5.

One thought on “Compleat Anachronist

  1. so good to read this, see your photos and see you too like underwear on dolls! also very good to hear about how orphans were treated, dressed, educated/trained.


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