Quick update & quick project

Hi all! I am still alive and healthy. Like most people these days, the mundane world is demanding most of my time: homeschooling our amazing 11 year old because of the lockdown in this corner of the world and trying to stay on top of the household chores. Oh, and there is a job somewhere too….. Right, you get it: I am a tad bit busy.

With regards to the Skjoldehamn project, all the thrift stores are closed again, so I have to postpone fabric hunting. Stay tuned though and watch this space! I do have the numbers for you, in case you lost track. I initially intended to spend not more than €40 on the fabric, which I was all going to buy in 2nd hand shops. I made the hood out of fabric out bought, and the total was €3,50. The socks were made from donated fabric, so €0. It means I still have €36,50 left for the rest of the garb. All I need now is open shops….

I know that many of you are preparing for the next SCA event season nonetheless and more power to you! Don’t let this pandemic get to you. I would like to join those preparations by sharing an easy little project here. Have fun with it!

A really cute project for those left over scraps of fabric is to make Wax Covers. I don’t have to tell you that ‘back in the day‘ there was no aluminium foil…. Wax covers really come in handy when you need to cover food during a camping event, or any other SCA event!

So, here is a list of items you need:

  • left over fabric (linen works best)
  • an old frying pan/ skillet
  • beeswax (at least 100 grams)
  • a place to dry the wax covers
  • old newspapers to protect your floor

How to make them: Melt the wax in the pan, when it is all melted, put the scraps of fabric in the hot wax (be careful not to burn yourself!) until they are saturated and then hang them to dry. Put the newspapers on the floor for the dripping of the wax. When the covers are dry you can use them time and time again.

When you are not using them, store them in an air tight container.

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