Decor for the pants from Skjoldehamn

A day after I wrote my last post, someone very justly pointed out to me that we have quite an excellent 2nd hand shop ONLINE, very similar to Craigslist. It is called Marktplaats and I had completely forgotten about it! Silly me….

It meant I was able to shop for 2nd hand fabric anyway to start recreating the Skjoldehamn breeches soon. I found a lovely light brown linen (my guess is that this used to be a curtain) at 6€, so I have now €30,50 left. I could not find white wool, like the original but such is recreating on a budget. The fabric is still in the mail, so I haven’t actually received it. You DO realise on moments like these that patience is only a virtue to those who have it…right?

Over the past few days I had also -sort of- decided a purpose for this garb set. I really would like to go back to cooking again and this seems to be the perfect outfit for it. I don’t know about you, but I find long flowing skirts rather spooky in an event kitchen. Also, it is ok for garb of non-authentic fabric to get stains from cooking; makes me feel less guilty 😉

As the fabric hasn’t arrived, but my hands were itching to do something anyway, so I decided to go through my left-over yarn stash to see if I could find something to recreate the decorative woven bands found on the Skjoldehamn breeches. You can see them here on page 113 of Dan Lovlid’s thesis.

The decoration includes embroidery, couching, woven bands and braids (page 109). This is my attempt at the woven bands, the colours of the original are brownish red, yellow and green, according to this pattern:

pattern woven band

The reconstruction by Lovlid can be found on page 153 of the thesis. This is my own reconstruction of the woven band. I have used 2 different colours of red, because I felt it was becoming a bit bland and I am quite happy how this is turning out! I very much look forward to your comments!

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