Archeologists have uncovered quite a few remarkable graves in Belgium from the 7th century. Read on if this is your thing!

The river Durme, near Elversele in Belgium, has been a place of habitation since the beginning of time. Some 47 Merovingian graves and grave finds were uncovered in 2018. The finds are quite unique for the area.

On a small sand dune, archeologists discovered a grave field of 32×18 metres with 47 graves in total. The graves and grave finds all dated from the Merovingian era. After analysis of the grave items, it was discovered the graves were from the 7th century and a discovery like that is quite rare in Flanders. The site has a ton of information on burial rituals, status and culture of these early medieval people.

In Flanders, the Merovingians ruled from the 5th till the 8th century. Men, women and children were buried individually, usually in a wooden grave chamber or coffin. The deceased received a lot of goods for the journey to the Other Side. Beads, amulets, fibulae were found, but also daggers, swords, knives and shields.

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