Three Ravens

My dear traveller, come and sit, warm yourself by the fire. How good of you to stop by! In times like these friendliness is much needed. Is the plague wreaking havoc where you are from? I sincerely hope not! This village, where I live, is a safe place. Friendly folk, enough food and wool for spinning.

In my house you, too, will have a safe place. Have you met my new neighbours? Allow me to introduce you… I have named them Tristan and Iseult. Iseult is actually the one peeking over the fence. Tristan is forever looking for food and not interested in humans…. aren’t they adorable?

Tristan & Iseult

It is in times like these that I turn to music. Perhaps it may offer you some solace as well. This next balad is gloomy. Really gloomy, and fitting for the times we live in. The music, however, is simple and easy to learn. And you know, that is the main reason I am sharing it with you. You can learn this too! The song was composed around the year 1611 by a gentleman named Thomas Ravencroft. Here, have a look at the sheet music.

One thought on “Three Ravens

  1. This is a lovely missive. The song, as you warned is gloomy, but was fun to dance to as I finished preparing dinner.


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