Merovingians, again…

Please join me today for this great story. It is an old story, but worth repeating. I have had an interest in the earlier garb styles for as long as I have been an SCA member, and even before that. This particular topic, the Merovingians, their clothing and adornments are very fascinating to me.

Back in 2014 several excavations were done in the town of Uden, not that far from the borders of Trivium.

Uden, in the south of The Netherlands

Hundreds of traces and items from the early Middle Ages were found in Uden. Among other things, an iron sword and a ‘Pouch Cup‘ from the Merovingian age (525-725) were excavated.

The excavated items are proof that around 550CE the first farmers started inhabiting the south of The Netherlands. The swords, horse harness, gold coins and jewellery show us that the people were not poor.

Some 29 graves in total were discovered from the Merovingian time, between 550 and 680CE. In addition, this very unique glass was found, the so called Pouch Cup, of fine quality, of which there are only 9 in Europe.

Pouch Cup

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