Oldest dress in The Netherlands

There has been a bit of radio silence. Our summer was long & lazy, we didn’t go anywhere special but the hammock in the garden was excellent nonetheless.

We did actually go to a week long Viking reenactment event in Archeon, in Alphen aan den Rijn and we had a lovely time! Somewhere late June a friend sent me an email which contained the follow up of the research done on a piece of textile found in the South of the Netherlands, near Uden.

I was amazed!! I am also glad I finally have some time to write about this, so that you can join the excitement, so to speak.

So, what’s the story here? In 2010 (yep, a while ago) some textile fragments were found in the grave of a woman from the Iron Age, near Uden. The small pieces were found on bronze and iron jewellery, bracelets and anklets which were also excavated from the same grave.

Based on these fragments, researchers from the Leiden Museum of Antiquities and the Governmental Department for Cultural Heritage concluded it must have been a long dress with long sleeves. The research team was also able to establish the weaving pattern of the dress. The analyses showed that it was a red and blue plaid dated 2800 years ago!! Wow!

For those readers that have knowledge of Dutch, have a look at this TV news item here (source NOS.nl).

You don’t have to guess what my next project is going to be, after I finish my Skjoldehamn garb later this year… 😉 Keep an eye on this blog!

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