The oldest house in my town

Have a seat! My dear traveller, have I got a story for you today!

Allow me to take you to the 15th century. The city of Leiden was a large town, growing fast with the weaving industry. The hustle & bustle must have been amazing in those days.

The growing town attracted plenty of newcomers, many looking for a fortune. One of them, a person without a name sadly, was able to build a house right in the city centre.

The house was built between 1460-1466, according to architectural study and dendrochronology. The main part and front part of the house were built of wood and the facade was later, in the 17th century, replaced by a stone facade.

The back of the house was added later and dates from 1488-1500. From the early days, till about 2019, the building has always been used as a family home. But not too long ago, it became part of a hotel and was beautifully restored. So, yes! You can actually sleep here! You know you want that!

**disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post, I receive nothing if you book a room in this hotel!

The fire place was also examined and research has shown it is more than 500 years old.

During the 2019 restoration, a cellar was re-discovered. For centuries it was buried underneath the house. It has now been restored back to its original purpose; isn’t this a wine cellar to die for?

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