Two royal children

This song “Twee Koningskinderen” about 2 children of kings goes all the way back to the Greek myth of Hero and Leander, who lived on either side of the Hellespont. Hero lit a lamp each night for Leander so that he could swim across the waters to meet his beloved Hero. One night, a storm blew out the flame in the lantern and Leander drowned when he lost his sense of direction. When Hero finds his body, she kills herself to be with him.

A very old and familiar tale of love! And one we have seen in Tristan and Iseult (dating from the 8th century) and of course, at a later date, Romeo and Juliet (written between 1591-1595).

The Dutch version of this song dates back to the year 1525; one of the singers in this clip is a familiar face for me from historic theme parc Archeon. I think it is marvellous! I am sharing the music score with you here, from the great Jan Wolters (who has tons more! check it out!)

Here is another version of this song, by two Flemish artists called Rum:

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