Bag for sale

This bag is going to be a new item in my shop, but I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a post to it.

The bag is made of light blue wool, with grey linen lining. There is an extra pocket for your phone.

The embroidery is done in dark blue wool and white, green and red silk. The image can be found in the Moesgaard Museum (Denmark), because this image is a carving on a rune stone on display there.

The Mask Stone is dated to c. 970–1020. It was found in 1850 in the foundation of a water mill that had burned down where it had been used as a cornerstone. The stone is of granite and measures approx. 160 cm in height by 47–70 cm in depth. The carving of a 110 cm-tall mask in mammen style. There is an inscription, which is placed on two of the sides and above the mask. It reads: Gunnulfr and Eygautr/Auðgautr and Áslakr and Hrólfr raised this stone in memory of Fúl, their partner, who died when kings fought.

The bag is 17 by 27cm and costs €40.

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